Environmental Site Assessments

Environmental Site Assessments, also known as Preliminary and Detailed Site Investigations, have become an important step in the legal transfer of land titles in British Columbia as they provide critical, decision making information on potential environmental risks that are often hidden from sight.

These environmental risks and their associated liabilities are increasingly being researched prior to residential and commercial property transfers to reduce future expensive costs related to a contaminated site remediation project.

JMB Environmental Ltd. offers complete project management services to oversee all aspects of these Environmental Site Assessments in order to thoroughly and quickly ascertain any environmental risks associated with the property in a cost effective manner.

Currently, JMB Environmental Ltd is performing Environmental Site Assessments across British Columbia on behalf of property owners, buyers, financial institutions, mortgage brokers, and various levels of government.


In accordance with Federal government regulations, Environmental Site Assessments are conducted in the following Phases in order to thoroughly assess and reduce any potential environmental risks associated with a property. If the redevelopment or rezoning of a site occurs then Provincial regulations are followed, which conducts the same investigation (with minor differences) in the following Stages.

Federal Regulations Provincial Regulations Nature of Investigation
Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment
Stage 1 Preliminary Site Investigation
Determines possibility of contamination
Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment
Stage 2 Preliminary Site Investigation Confirms contamination through soil and groundwater analysis
If Contamination Found
Phase 2 Follow Up Investigation Detailed Site Investigation
Confirms extent of contamination through soil and groundwater analysis
Remediation Project Remediation Project Removes or cleans affected soil and groundwater